Adonis, a yacht with artificial intelligence

Tell about the first boat in the history of CES

The annual exhibition Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas (NV, USA) — one of the largest such events in the industry. Previously, it had nothing to do with yachts, but this year might be her turning, because one of the stands ended January 11, CES-2019 for the first time in the history of the exhibition presented the boat. She was personalized 23,8-meter yacht Adonis from the Turkish shipyard Numarine and company Furrion worth $5 million

Adonis was developed on the basis of 78-PhotoView Numarine, so the appearance and the layout is a little different from HTS 78 or 78 Hardtop. Most notable in this boat — filling from Furrion. This is not surprising: the exhibition-dedicated to electronics, and Adonis was standing on the stand of this international technological companies in the portfolio where projects related to electronics, household appliances, renewable energy, automotive navigation, information technology, power management systems, electrical components and robotics.

Furrion have participated in CES in 2017 and 2018, and Adonis harmoniously continues the range of “concepts” in the flesh, which the company demonstrated at the exhibition. The first project Elysium, which surprised the visitors of the CES-2017, was a caravan with a Jacuzzi and a helipad. CES-2018 at the stand of the Furrion was a trailer with a fifth wheel hitch Limitless.

As in the previous cases, on Adonis contains the best technology Furrion: audio and video systems to a full galley for the chef, security systems and surveillance.

On Board there is Sense Furrion HDTV with built-in sound bar, surveillance cameras, microphones, lights and mirrors… smart Electronics is crammed with literally everything, shower is no exception.

Manages smart equipment on Board Adonis virtual receptionist with artificial intelligence from Furrion — Angel.

Live system demonstrated for the first time and is the main feature of Adonis.

Despite the fact that about Adonis joke that the boat holds the record for the “run for land”, this is a Angel remember that they are working with the yacht, which has from time to time to be “in the middle of nowhere”, far away from a stable Internet network. Given this, the Angel created to perfectly cope with their responsibilities even in offline mode.

What can this assistant, but to alert you to incoming SMS and calls? Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system is able to detect faces and then use this information to personalize and make the experience with it more individual. Knowing who is who, learning and discerning voice, Angel is able to adapt the surrounding area depending on the preferences of a particular user. For example, if you love to window was not curtained off, you can ask Angel to raise the curtains. After some time, when you enter the room, Angel will do it itself already, without any reminders. Another example concerns music. Wishes Angel can play the same playlist throughout the boat, but alone it will try to create around each guest this soundscape that like him.

A study of the preferences also allows Angel to imagine what a particular guest is interested in working in the area where is Adonis.

“Angel will help you to find interesting places and plan a route of travel. It will offer local restaurants, make a list of “must do”, find a place to stay, and will book a place in these restaurants, museums, theatres, campgrounds and marinas. In General, take care of all the organizational hassle. In Navigator it is not just in charge, when to turn, but also calculates the best route, telling what other interesting things you can see along the way,” says the Furrion.

Feel hungry? Angel will send a request to the galley and accompany it with a reminder of the special recommendations for diet that are in your profile. In addition, it can order groceries or other products that may be needed for the cooks.

Via the embedded in the cabins equipment Angel will track the weight change and hydration of passengers Adonis.

Also, knowing the physical parameters, it can advise on suitable clothes in your favorite designer houses.

As Furrion has not yet completed the development of Angel, in the future it will have even more opportunities. Apparently, for the same reason nedorabotannost visitors CES noted that Angel is not responding to commands, sometimes retarding and wrong.

Interaction with the system happens through a built-in voice module intelligent microphones that are everywhere on the boat. Password — the traditional “Hello, Angel!”, to the format which had long been accustomed to, but now, in the opinion of the users for the correct operation of the microphone you need to walk too close. Representatives Furrion hope that the system will be fully ready by the end of 2019.

Another technological highlight on Adonis — Furrion smart mirrors Smart Mirrors with interactive displays that are installed not only in the master cabin, but even in the cabin for the crew. As in the case of Angel, the mirror is impossible to find anywhere except on Adonis.

“Touch the mirror or ask Angel something to display on it and it “wakes up”. Smart mirror can be a giant laptop or a touchscreen, which will allow you to know the weather forecast, timetable, news, updates in social networks. Mirrors can be used as a TV or to watch them movie. Commands can be given by voice or touch, and the answer will appear on the “screen”,” — say in the Furrion.

Like Angel, the smart mirror is able to run without Internet connection. Information in automatic mode is stored from the Internet and when the connection re-appears, the system automatically syncs up and downloads updates.

Apparently, when I create a space, in which everything necessary is at hand, even a clever two large mirrors in the master Suite is not enough. How else to explain that on the nightstands on either side of the bed has additional touchscreen displays with HD screens and built-in speakers? This system Furrion Sense TV, equipped with a suppressor vibrations that occur due to sea waves and interfere with clean sound. On the one hand, this is another channel of interaction with Angel, and with another — independent feature, which is definitely good and without the ubiquitous assistant.

While the boat Adonis, equipped with Angel, which can be seen at CES — one of a kind sample. It is not to be sold, as, indeed, is not planned and the serial production of such courts. Adonis created only in order to demonstrate the capabilities that the customers Furrion.

As for the Angel, in the modified form it will be used not only for boats but also for houses on wheels and without.

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