Across the Atlantic – to congratulate the father

That’s an amazing story, about which we hear a lot in Argentina.

A resident of this country’s 47-year-old Juan Manuel Ballestero – hereditary fisherman since childhood, he dreamed of distant travel. And therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that he was far from home: destiny brought him to the island of Porto Santo is the northernmost and the easternmost island of the archipelago of Madeira.

He lived there himself and lived, fished, not really paying attention to what is happening in the world and was punished for it. Because the world turned out to have a pandemic coronavirus. And when Juan Manuel went to buy a ticket to his native Mar del Plata, to celebrate father’s 90th birthday – it turned out that there are no tickets. Because all flights are cancelled.

What is there to do? The idea that he did not congratulate his father, burned to Juan Manuel soul. And in the end he decided that he would travel to Mar del Plata sailing. On his 9-metre yacht Skua, which took tourists fishing. Bought rice, fruit and canned tuna – and in mid-March, went on a long journey.

Friends tried to dissuade him: experiences as long-distance sea travel from Ballesteros was not. Dissuaded from the plan and the authorities in Madeira explaining that if something happens, it is because of the quarantine will not be able to go back. But Juan Manuel was adamant: in these difficult times for the entire world the day he should be with his family. And to congratulate my father on the anniversary.

In the end, the path in Mar-del-Fee, took 85 days. Most of them were extremely difficult – first, because the Argentine is clearly not enough relevant experience (on top of everything else he never went alone). And secondly, because it faced a shortage of food, water and fuel: the authorities of Guinea-Bissau refused him even the shortest stop. Well, Juan-Manuel and approached it philosophically: well, we will have even more to save.

Stocks ended, thankfully, at the moment when he crossed the Atlantic. Ballesteros for a few days staying in the Brazilian Vitoria. There I learned that the houses in Mar del Plata – he is preparing an enthusiastic meeting: was the brother of Juan Manuel spoke about his journey familiar to journalists.

But, more importantly, in the port he was met by father. Suppose he had turned 90. Nothing to worry about! Specially to Juan Manuel anniversary celebrated again.

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