According to tradition – the Round table

According to the website in Moscow yachts-club “Spartak” traditionally, at the end of the season was held a Round table organized by the Council of Association classes.

The event was attended by representatives of the associations of classes of yachts, yacht clubs, sailing schools, the student sections. Representatives of the associations of classes of yachts spoke about how to develop their classes, their experience and interesting offers. Was submitted to rapidly growing fleet of “Rocket-670”, which may soon be issued as a new class of yacht.

Association of the class “em-Ka” shared experience of organization of complex events with the participation of representatives of several fleets of yachts, the Association “Micro” – the opening point of the competitions in Kazan, the Association class “flying Dutchman” for his achievements in the development of the class throughout Russia and broad participation in international competitions. Victor Pelgunov told about her school in the class of “Laser”.

Particularly relevant were the issues of registration of discharges of the admission of athletes in official competitions, and the inclusion of competitions in the official calendars of sporting events. Attention was drawn to the need to include competitions in the calendar of the ETUC of the MST and/or regional calendar, formed the regional Federation of the reporting about the competitions and the proper shaping of the jury. A number of associations shared their positive experiences clearance level athletes through the Sailing Federation of the Moscow region.

The roundtable participants noted the negative effect of the separation of calendars and chambers of Moscow and Moscow region – it was to introduce confusion from the conducting of organizations in the formation of the calendars of the competition approval process, began to lose the previously achieved effect of synergy.

A separate topic is the comprehensive events and associations Association classes of yachts and navies for the competition. It was noted that there are enough resources to conduct, and the Union of classes of yachts would help to optimize costs and the formation of the jury, and to strengthen communication between the teams and mutual exchange of riders. The main difficulties that need to be addressed for the combined fleet in the competition, it was announced by the dimensions of the entry fees (requires decision within not more than 300-500 rubles per person per day), dispersion-based, requiring organizations distributed to yacht clubs register for the competition, organize the transfer of athletes from several yacht clubs in one for the ceremony and then back.

Was told about a new project – the Cup of clubs. A number of participants and organizers of the competition, watching carefully for the development of this project, noted that activities for the Charter fleets and for riders on their own boats require different approaches, and to transfer the experience of one competition to the other should be done with care.

Was affected and the student’s topic. Representatives of associations and fleets told what special preferential conditions they provide to students.

Overall, it was a very interesting and constructive conversation. Many have heard interesting ideas, agreements were reached on joint efforts in carrying out some of the competition.

The Council of the Associations of classes brings gratitude to all who were able to participate in this meeting.

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