About the treasure, pirates and chase

On Friday, before the weekend, sitting at work sick. Soul rushes in distant countries, where white sand and blue sea. You want something unusual, exciting.

Well, we have just such a story, about the treasure, pirates and chase. We found her on the Internet pages of the Australian version of Vice magazine. Now, listen.

It was recently, but far away. In the Solomon sea from Papua New Guinea.

A fisherman, tired of righteous deeds, decided a couple of hours to relax on a tiny Atoll, and sent his boat to the shore. And there, on the shore, he saw the rope, the end of which went into the sand.

A fisherman, apparently, was a man of curious. He began digging, digging for a long time – and in the end unearthed the boat. Where found – peace, comrades! – 11 heavy bags, each with packages of cocaine. The Australian scholars question now estimate the total findings of $ 50 million. Apparently also Australian.

As it turned out, the schooner belonged to the local pirates and drug dealers. During a storm, in the housing formed a strong leak, and they were forced to leave the ship. And later could not find her washed up on shore, quickly covered with sand.

Go ahead. The fisherman realized that to fish he will no longer have. He dragged the bags to the boat and went home. In the village, located on the island under the wonderful name of Wake-Wake. To hide the find from its neighbors did not. They realized that they, too, more fish will not have. And had a party, rumors of which eventually reached the ears of those drug dealers.

They arrived on Wake-Wake and staged disassembly. After which 11 bags were on Board their boat (according to eyewitnesses, it was something, a converted trawler).

Wake-bodice offended and reported that they were robbed, NCIS, Papua New Guinea. However, as it turned out, a single 6-kilogram package of cocaine (among other things, a half million dollars), they still zanichelli. And was very disappointed when the police the package was confiscated.

Meanwhile, in the Solomon sea turned the pursuit of gangsters. First, they found the Australian reconnaissance plane, and then caught up with the ship gentoo NCIS. All seven drug traffickers were arrested (six were citizens of Hong Kong, one in Montenegro). The trial will begin in the near future.

Cocaine was more difficult. Valiant police were unable to get to bags: the floor in the engine room, where they were stored, was filled with fuel and oil. The gangsters opened the taps (it is likely, exclaiming: “it does not get you to anybody!”).

“Our employees are unable to do anything – lamented one of the leaders of gentoo to the police. There have been too dirty!”

Moreover, to take in tow a former trawler, too, failed.

So him and threw him into the sea. And now can’t find it. Whether he is still somewhere in the sea, or threw it on one of numerous Islands and, in turn, puts wind. And on Board…

I wonder if this treasure some other fisherman?

P. S. the that at Vice illustrated his review, the history of cocaine, of course, has not. But we needed her to decorate…

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