About smart and fools

September 2, 2019

      About smart and fools
      We bring to your attention a comment by Vasily Senatorov, published in the September issue of Yacht Russia magazine under the heading "From the publisher."

About smart and fools

I don’t know what it is, the everyday experience or the profession of a journalist, but there is less and less confidence in me in the great-heartedness of idealists. And how many times he gave himself a vow, but I can’t hold back …

The sail is in fashion now. Especially among escapists. In their opinion, a yacht is a great tool to get away from the challenges of the world, a sea passage is a watershed between the “right” and “wrong” life, and all those who took their children on a hike are adherents of a new reality. In a word, the sail is not only the LIFESTYLE, but also the only correct one! And only those will be saved from the filth and hypocrisy of the present world, who will exchange the bustle of cities for the vast expanses of the ocean. Therefore, it was this logical substitution that made me take up the pen – all yachtsmen are the heroes and apostles of the new paradise on earth. Moreover, this has long been known in the West, and now we are lucky because we got freedom …

But what about the theft of stoppers and the cutting of files at competitions (a very common practice in the Soviet years), what about lies in protests, how to interpret fraud with documents and measurements of boats and sails? Where to include the captains who promise clients paradise and extort their euros or dollars for each additional overstag? Where do the highly skilled skippers involved in transporting migrants come from? Who raised yachtsmen stealing yachts for human traffickers and drug traffickers?

After all, all these are also people of the sea.

Therefore, it is not necessary to make a profession or a strong passion a criterion of decency.

Everything, in my opinion, is much simpler. People are not divided into nationalities, parties, factions … People are divided into smart and fools, but fools already divide others by nationality, into parties, factions, religions. For new arrivals, this maxim applies to sailors.

What about the sea? It is and will always attract people. And let us be lucky to meet there less crooks and crooks.

Vasily Senators,


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