Abifloat – modular floating eco-villas by Christian Grande

Yacht designer Christian Grande (Invictus Yachts, Picchio Boat, SanLorenzo Yachts, SACS Marine RIBA), created in 2011, the bike Veloce Italia, launches a new project – “floating Villa” Abifloat, eco-friendly and modular.

The concept involves the creation of floating houses that will be built from different items on the basis of design.

Life in nature and the modular construction characteristic of this project. Thus the owners will have the opportunity to enjoy a Villa with a high level of personalization of the exterior and interior and choose the right plan – from single houses to multi-level complexes. All villas are floating and are designed in such a way as to harmonically fit into the surrounding landscape.

Technical features Abifloat

The key idea of the project is to complete the standardization of the structural elements, systems and decor that the Assembly can be used according to customer requests.

At the core of all reliability. For example, the walls will be made of recycled plastic and pressed in the form of hundreds of cubicles from straw, cork or chipboard – the latter is designed to ensure insulation with minimum weight.

Other materials for the exterior also can be adapted for different situations. For example, the large panel teak with parts made of aluminium suitable for exterior and roof – corrugated sheets. The size and decor of the villas available are very diverse: they may be used as a home, apartment or commercial property.

Supporting structures designed so that the house can be two stories. They consist of an aluminum longitudinal beams and struts. They can be used to mount the wiring and the climate system. Under the floor will be to lay the same wiring and plumbing, and also provide a blank section for thermal and sound insulation.

A floating modular system Abifloat

The main structures for the system are floating modules 6,5 3,25 m, designed as a kind of examples for various configurations. Stability is guaranteed by the form of floating elements and the possibility to use the modules for wiring and sanitation, as well as larger systems – pumps, compressors, tanks, etc.

The dwelling can be as wide and spacious – how will allow the basic modules. At the height of the building is designed on two floors.

Due to the special system of walkways, railings and bridges, modular villas can be built in eco-friendly property, complexes, clusters of villas or dynamic shopping centres with potential for growth.

The advantage of modular approach is also that if you wish, the owners will be capable in the shortest terms and with minimal costs to change the layout or the exterior design of the villas. This will open the way to harmonious branisalv coastal zones. In addition, the modules can be transported by land in caravans, which is very convenient.

Individualization and the environment

The system provides unprecedented flexibility and ease of installation. This brand new concept of residential areas, not causing any harm to the environment.

The project involves a lot of options to personalize villas. The owner can choose not only the decor and layout, but the furniture and energy efficient or “smart home”.

The Villa as home or offices

Thanks to the various available configurations of the floating eco-friendly houses can be used as a waterside private office or as a house, full of all the advanced systems. They are ideal for romantics, writers and artists, who want unity with nature.

Official website Christian Grande DesignWorks: www.christiangrande.com

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