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Can a 100-foot motor yacht go to over fifty knots? Italy’s AB Yachts’ new Specter jet-jet is capable of this.

Can a 100-foot motor yacht go to over fifty knots? Italy’s AB Yachts’ new Specter jet-jet is capable of this.

AB Yachts has completed work on the 30-meter AB 100 model. Water trials have already taken place, and the world premiere of the yacht took place in September in Cannes. 100 feet is a “pretty” length for a boat, although the shipyard also builds much larger vessels. However, the novelty attracts attention not only with a round digital index: with its rather large dimensions, the AB 100 is capable of reaching a speed of 53 knots. Where do these fantastic opportunities come from?

Driving performance

Let’s start with the fact that AB Yachts is one of the few shipyards specializing in water-jet propelled vessels, and it equips not boats, but rather large yachts with them. Today, the shipyard’s lineup extends to 145 feet, and in the future – yachts in lengths of 166 and 200 feet. Based on the specifications, the AB 100 offers several propulsion units with different engines (two or three) and different water jets (two or three, respectively). Thus, speed characteristics and fuel consumption can vary over a wide range.

Dossier AB 100

100 ft (30.48 m)

22 ft (6.60 m)

4 ft (1.20 m)

56 t

2 × 2600 HP / 3 × 1925 HP

Maximum speed:
53 knots

Fuel supply:
12,000 l

Water supply:
2000 l

The bathing platform is equipped with a hydraulic drive

The first AB 100 building was equipped with three MAN 12V engines of 1900 hp each. each and Swedish water cannons MJP (Marine Jet Power). Onboard units – two MJP 500 CSU (Compact Steering Unit), central – MJP 500 Booster (without control dampers). Index “500” means the diameter of the conduit in the area in front of the impeller. In this version, the composite hull (fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar) with three pairs of longitudinal steps and a neat cheekbone showed the very 53 knots of maximum speed on the test, which amaze the imagination and allow the AB 100 to claim the title of the fastest superyacht on the planet.

Interior and layout

It seems that such feats are more likely not for cruise yachts with the “super” prefix, but for racing boats with a very ascetic interior design. Nevertheless, everything is fine with the comfort aboard the AB 100 – in fact, it would be strange to expect otherwise from a luxurious outwardly 100-foot yacht.

The main deck saloon is impressive in size and abundance of light. The interior of the first yacht is made with a predominance of light shades of gray, which adds even more volume. The layout of the upper deck is quite traditional: an extensive lounge area with sofas and a 75˝ TV screen at the entrance; dining room for eight people in the center of the deck, and in front is a space-type control post with three chairs. It cannot be called a work area – it is so elegantly finished and, of course, equipped with the latest technology.

53 knots

This speed, according to the shipyard,
yacht AB 100 develops with three MAN 12V diesel engines of 1900 hp each. every

Near the helm station there is a gangway to the lower deck, where, in addition to the cabins for guests and crew, there is also a galley. The master cabin is located amidships, across the entire width of the hull, while it is separated from the engine compartment by a bathroom and dressing room (good in terms of sound insulation). Three more guest cabins have double or twin beds, and, of course, each cabin has its own rather big bathroom.

The crew compartment, designed for four, occupies the bow of the hull. Adjacent to the crew quarters is a galley and a ladder leading upstairs; thus, the crew can move freely between all working areas without disturbing the guests. There is also direct access directly from the deck.

Exterior and Deck

The open spaces of the AB 100 are impressive too. The aft cockpit with bar and convertible seating area on the transom is enormous; by the way, there is a garage under it – very spacious, given that the crew compartment did not have to be made in the stern. Moreover, it transforms into a “beach club”, adding space to an imposing bathing platform.

It is worth walking along the deck in the bow, as another spacious open-air seating area is discovered – with a sunbed, sofa, tables and an awning. Thus, wherever the yacht is and no matter how it is moored (or anchored), you can always find a “place in the sun”, hidden from prying prying eyes.

One level above is an unexpectedly spacious flybridge. “Unexpectedly” because it fits into the yacht’s profile so that it looks quite small from the outside. Still, it accommodates the overhead helm, dining area, corner sofa and two large sun lounger sections. This is a huge plus for a sports yacht, where the “top floor” is usually not large.

The AB 100 looks really sporty, which is emphasized by the two-tone paintwork: a darker hull and a light superstructure. In general, the shipyard offers different versions of it: in silver, bronze, pearl gray tones. Surely other solutions could be discussed. Considering how extraordinary this boat is, the shipyard has a wide range of customization options to make this amazing creation of engineering and design ideas as close to the character of the future owner as possible.

By the way, do not think that the AB 100 is only suitable for rapid throws over short distances. The shipyard promises a cruising range of about 550 miles without refueling at a cruising speed of 36-40 knots. And if you also take into account the impressively small draft thanks to the water cannons (only 1.20 m), it becomes clear why such yachts have a lot of loyal fans: with such data, you can discover places where other yachts of similar dimensions would not even dare to approach.


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