A year ago was better, but…

At the Yacht club de Monaco ended 10th anniversary in a row, the regatta, the Monaco Optimist Team Race

Representatives of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg of Alexander Minibaev, Cyril Sumenkova, Andrei Fedorov and Alice Kodaneva under the guidance of coach Denis Razumovich the last day had only one race, not affected the final result – the Russians finished the regatta in 10th. The best are the Turks, the silver went to athletes from Monaco, the Americans and the Swedes shared the bronze.

Says Denis Razumovich: “the Trip was useful from the point of view of experience. Now in Russia is not held any command of the regatta, so to sharpen skills in “fighting” conditions it is possible only at such competitions.

We started well in the first day, January 10, held 5 races, won 3 wins and suffered 2 losses: lost to the current Champions of Europe, the Swedes, and became in 2018 in Monaco 4-mi to the Belgians.

On the second day, defeated the Finns, winners of last year’s regatta. Then the wind weakened and a wave rose, participants returned to shore.

It turned out bad for us 3rd day, we lost 5 races and won 3. Gross tactical error affected the result in two races, the rest we have enough individual skill and luck. The final day nothing was decided – we finished 10th.

Of course, after last year’s 6-th place, this result is hard to call successful. On the other hand, we have ¾ reorganised, from last year’s team left only Cyril Shanenkov, our most experienced rider at the moment, the other boys are just beginning to gain international experience.

I note that the level of the regatta has increased, there are new strong teams.

The main conclusion is simple: you need more practice, major international regattas provide a great experience, but we need the domestic competitions, if we want to achieve success in team races.

There is a lot of important competitions, we will correct your mistakes, to work the internal team interaction and move on.”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy of sailing

Official trailer of the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeoaQGXdnkQ

All photos and results: https://www.yacht-club-monaco.mc/en/regattas-events/20-19/motr/

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