“A storm of darkness…”

On the second day of the regatta 1st grade class “Dragon” – Dragon Grand Prix de Cannes, which takes place in Cannes and is this year also the first stage of the European series, able to hold only one race.

Look at the pictures. Not to recall the famous Pushkin “the Storm haze…”. Snow storms, however, was not, but the wind was cool above the waters brutally, bringing the teams a lot of trouble.

We can say that Russian sailors in this freezing weather won. The best among them result in the only race of the day showed Rocknrolla Dmitry Samokhin: the command of the 9th ward, and now in the General offset it has fallen from the sixth position to the seventh (23 points).

The other case is worse: Annapurna Loginov Anatoly was the seventh – the ninth (41 points), and the publisher of our journal Vasily Senatorov (To be continued) made a nasty fall with 9-th row of the 18th – he now has 56 points. Immediately behind him in the table, Igor Goikhberg (Zenith) – 57.

.Sunflower Fogelson Victor now in the 34th position, and Mikhail Senatorov’s Integrity – in the 47th.

As for the leaders of the regatta, came forward German Sinewave headed by Thomas Muller (10 points), followed by another team from Germany – Cameleer Marcus brennecke (15) and British Racing Louise Gordon Grant (16).

Need to catch up. Than our famous crews, hopefully, going to do today.

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