A result that warms the soul

In Sakaiminato (Japan), which is the world championship in the class “Laser radial”, today held three races. Which, of course, a lot of progress. We will remind: on Friday and Saturday due to the vagaries of the weather managed to spend only a race.

After three days and five races remain ahead of the Swede Jocelyn Olsson from Sweden – 8 points (with one outlier). 6 points inferior to American Riley Paige.

As for the two Russians, the Ekaterina ziuzina at the 48th place: 83 points, the parishes 17 – (36) – 35 – 25 – 6 (the latter result is , needless to say, it warms the soul); Valeria Lomachenko – 85-m: 142 points, parishes 55 – 15 – 32 – 40 – (57BFD).

Detailed results after five races


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