A collision at the start of the coastal race in Vyborg

In the beginning of the race judges in Vyborg the ship broke anchor, the starting shot fell, the race Committee did not react in time and did not cancel the start, because of this two-faced yacht class “L-6”.

Yacht “Varyag” broke the rules differences and not lost yacht “Nika”, which was an advantage. “Varyag” crashed into the stern of the “Nike” in the boat for some time, lost control and spun 180 degrees. More “Nika” on a tangent has touched the judicial ship “Arkhangelsk”. Thanks to the coordinated and professional work of the team managed to avoid a serious blow.

After the incident at the start of the “Nika” also prevented others to stay on course. For example, the yacht “Cupid” had to uvulitis – a little turn to avoid a collision.

Race near Vyborg took place in difficult weather conditions: wind speed was 18 knots, gusts to 30, and the route passed among many Islands and stones.

This stage was a difficult one not only for boaters, but also for the judicial Committee, who will analyze all protests. According to preliminary results, in first place among the “sixes” yacht “Cupid”.

There are still two offshore races and one coastal.

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