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March 30, 2019

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The complex competition was held on the basis of FGBU “Yug Sport”: the 2nd stage of the Cup of Russia in the Olympic classes of yachts, the 2nd stage of the Cup of Russia in the class “Finn” and “Sochi Regatta”.

79 members more!

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According to https://rusyf.ru (according to the press service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg), a total of 369 athletes took part in the regatta, which is 79 participants more than last year.

Competitions were held in 15 classes of yachts: Nakra 17 mixed (3 crews), 49th (4 crews), 49th FX (4 crews), 470 (18 crews), Laser-standard (20 athletes), Laser-radial ( g, Cup, 10 athletes), Finn (9 athletes), RS: X women (6 athletes), RS: X men (13 athletes), 29th (18 crews), 420 (31 crews), Laser 4.7 (74 athlete, Radial Laser (boys and girls, Sochi Regatta, 45 athletes), Techno U15 (21 athletes), Techno U17 (30 athletes).

A significant increase was achieved mainly in the youth classes. Thus, in the 420 class in 2019, 31 participants showed up against 17 last year, in the 29th class – 18 versus 10, in the Radial class – 45 versus 26, in the Laser 4.7 class – 74 versus 57, in the class Techno U17 – 30 against 10, in the class Techno U15 – 21 participants against 8.

The regatta passed in cool weather: the air temperature periodically dropped below 10 degrees, which did not please either the athletes or the coaches. But lucky with the wind, which disappeared only on the final day of competition. In the first half of the regatta, the wind steadily reached 6-10 m / s.

The 2nd stage of the Russian Cup also became the first selection stage for juniors and juniors for the Russian national teams at the European and World Championships, and the Sochi Regatta – the selection stage for the European and World Championships for all athletes performing in non-Olympic classes. The 2nd selection stage will be held in Taganrog in early May. The teams will be staffed by athletes who took 1st place in their classes at the end of two stages.

At the same time there was a selection for the IX Summer Olympics of students (youthful) Russia in 2019. The teams of St. Petersburg, the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region turned out to be the most representative – 14 athletes each, one less than the Moscow team, which failed to show a decent result among young men in the Laser Radial class.


Here is what gold, silver and three bronzes in the pre-Olympic classes at the Sochi Regatta writes about the success of their athletes, the press service of the Sailing Academy of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

In the 29th class, the “academic” youths Ilya Chuprina and Rodion Brovin left no chances to competitors. They deservedly became the first in the overall standings and among young men. Bronze went to another crew of the Academy – Vlad Grakhov / Ivan Sologubov.

In the 420 class, the crews of the Academy performed at their level: Artem Kuzmin and Alexander Melnikov took the 3rd place in the overall standings and in the youth, Ksenia Monastyreva and Tatyana Golozubova became the third among the girls.

Igor Tsvetkov, the coach of the guys, was pleased with the regatta: “Well done guys, but in general they could and should have performed better. Both crews did their best, solved launch problems, and in the fleet of 31 boats this is an important aspect. If you look at age – our athletes are a year or two younger than their rivals, so progress is progressing, all the best is ahead. I will also note that the girls have been a little undermined by the materiel, the consequences of the memorable “Gelendzhik Regatta” -2018, which will be corrected ”.

In class 470, Artem Sudakov, who had recently returned to class, and his clenched Viktor Plekhanov, became the seventh. “Artyom is a high-level helmsman, but he needs to roll, remember how to manage the Seventy. With due effort, the result will come, ”says Flowers.

In the class of the 49th FX, only the guys who performed outside the competition could compete with Marina Taran and Angelina Markova. The result is gold.

In the Techno U15 class, one of the youngest participants, Dobrynya Kolotayev, was second in the overall standings among young men. The winner, Nikita Nezhentsev, is two years older.

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