7 of the most incredible areas on Board super yachts

Nightclub, garage for old school motorcycle club to play manjong, a classroom, a plush movie theater, beauty salon, gym. Can you imagine that we not call someone’s favorite places in the city, and some want to have on Board their super yacht some extraordinary owners.

1. Club for playing manjong on Board the Blue Sky

Beautiful Blue Sky was built in 2013 at the shipyard Feadship in Holland. Her customer was a businessman from China, that’s where on Board the super yachts, there was a separate room for playing manjong. However, Blue Sky is not the first yacht ordered in Europe from Asia, and similar “special” request shipbuilders not be surprised.

2. Classroom on Vertigo

The 67-metre ketch Vertigo is one of the most famous modern sailboats. Built in 2011 by the shipyard, Alloy Yachts, over the past almost four years he managed to visit some of the world’s largest exhibitions and literally try wind and water of three oceans. The owner of the yacht often travels with his family, and that children are not missing school, aboard Vertigo include a classroom with an interactive whiteboard.

3. Plush theater Northern Star

In the last decade of cinema is almost the most popular additional space, wish to have on Board, the owners of super-yachts. And what will the cinema with a huge screen under the open sky or humble a soundproof room here, as they say, just to have enough imagination. Customer Northern Star, built at the shipyard Lurssen in 2009, decided that the cinema should be very soft with plush sofas and armchairs.

4. Beauty salon on Board Diamonds are Forever

The name of the superyacht Diamonds are Forever, built in 2011 by Benetti Yachts, incredibly eloquent. Then you and the women of James bond come to mind, and mind-blowing vocals of Shirley Basie, and “girl’s best friend — it’s diamonds”. It is obvious where that on Board this ship is a luxurious beauty salon.

5. Gym on Board the super-yacht Cheers 46

By the way, 42-foot Cheers 46 was, as Diamonds are Forever, built at the shipyard of the Benetti Yachts. But see how strikingly different these boats. Beauty salons and spas aboard Cheers 46 is no place – a significant portion of the main deck there is a huge gym. The priorities of the owner and his family probably only health and sport.

6. A garage for motorbikes on the yacht Billy Joel Audacious

Few people know that the legend of pop music, Billy Joel collects yachts and motorcycles. Yacht he has five, and in the design of one of them – Shelter Island Runabout – he took the most direct part. But how many artist of motorcycles – this is not known to anyone. However, indisputable fact: Billy Joel is so in love with some of their iron horses, on his yacht Inace 95 Audacious (2002 built) is allocated for transporting the front portion of the lower deck. Motorcycles aboard the vessel by the crane and at the owner’s travel around the world.

7. Nightclub on Board of superyacht Mystere Shadow

Mystere Shadow is the rare case when the appearance of the yacht infinitely small compared to what’s inside. The vessel was built in 1981 and for several decades it was employed solely on maintenance and support. However, in 2006 it was bought by a private owner and converted, becoming in forwarding super-yacht. Of course, Mystere Shadow, and now can carry submarines, cars, and helicopters and to serve as support vessel for some larger yachts, however, are not going anywhere, these luxury saloons and cabins, pool, Spa and night club. There are all the modern sound equipment, laser guns, smoke machines and of course a disco ball.

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