7 of the largest liners from the height of bird flight

To make these stunning images photographer Jeffrey Milstein (Jeffrey Milstein) from new York spent a lot of time on Board the helicopter. Thus was born a unique series of exciting photographs devoted to the largest ocean liners of our time.

Majesty of the Seas (266, 2744 passengers, crew 833 people, 1992.)

Freedom of the Seas (339 meters, 4370 passengers, a crew of 1360 people, 2006.)

Disney Dream (339 meters, 4 000 passengers, 1458 people crew, 2010.)

Carnival Victory (272 meters, 2 758 passengers, 1 crew of 100 people, 2000.)

Caribbean Princess (290 meters, 3 080 passengers, 1 200 person crew, 2004.)

Carnival Sensation (261 meters, 2 634 passengers, 920 crew people, 1993.)

Norwegian Sky (260 meters, 2 450 passengers, 800 crew, 1999.)


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