6 super-yacht with very cool coloring

They say that there are psychologists who for coloring the yacht can make a portrait of the owner. We don’t know him, so I tried to think for yourself.

1. Black Legend

Case a 30-metre Black Legend (Sunseeker) is painted charcoal black, with a red stripe exactly at the waterline and a red silhouette of the skull closer to the nose. It launched in may 2014 and, as far as we know, the pirate raids have not yet participated.

2. Predator

73-meter yacht predator (“Predator”), built at the shipyard Feadship in 2008, recognisable from a distance only by an unusual profile. Bold coloring complements the impression the ship. To curb this “predator” certainly sheer pleasure.

3. Comanche

High-speed 30-foot sailing yacht Comanche (Hodgdon Yachts), the cost of construction which amounted to $100 thousand, now known all over the yachting world. Launched in November 2014, she has managed to put a few world records. It is likely that this contributed to fighting Comanche Indian coloring. But, most of all, it’s in the nature of the owner – Jim Clark, as well as in the skipper-the professional Ken reed and the brave crew.

4. Aurelia

The passion of the owner of the 37 metre Aurelia (Heesen Yachts) is obvious. Showy coloration yacht mimics the colors of the Porsche Gulf Racing in the same color scheme painted tender.

5. Waterland

The owner of the catamaran Waterland (Outremer Yachting) probably wanted privacy and therefore painted the boat in military camouflage to not really notice. Was exactly the opposite: Waterland attracts attention wherever appeared.

6. Guilty

Extravagant 35-metre yacht Guilty (Cantieri Navali Rizzardi) have long been reputed “dream pop art”. Its colouring – a real blinding camouflage (Razzle Dazzle) during the First world war, created under sketches of artist Jeff Koons. And, as usual in modern art someone this creation scares, and someone was a pure delight.

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