5 good books on yachting (issue 2)

Do I need to read to learn to sail and to become better in sailing? For those who know the answer to this question, we continue to publish a collection of books and textbooks on sailing that recommend professional yachtsmen and sailors. It and novelties, and books “at all times”. With the previous collection can be found at this link.

The art of sailing

Author: Paul Elvstrom

Year: 2012 (original edition 1971)

The author of the book – the Dane Paul Elvstrom, one of the strongest yachtsmen of the world and a specialist in manufacturing sails high aerodynamic qualities. In the book he shares many years of experience of sports training and participation in sailing races, reveals the preparation for the yachtsman, describes a situation in which they find the participants, examines the numerous tactical challenges and techniques, analyzes the tactics of sailboat racing and the technique of control dinghies and yachts stabilizer pitching. A special place is given to the configuration of the hull, mast, rigging and sails with an eye on the extremely high driving performance.

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Wind strategy

Author: Houghton, D., Campbell F.

Year: 2015

The first edition of “Wind strategy” for 20 years! Developed its basic principles were successfully applied in practice during the Olympic games, “Admiral’s Cup”, and other ocean and coastal regattas. The authors were able to avoid using math equations. The behavior of wind and wind development situation are presented in the form of conceptual models, most of them quite simple and any sailor can impose their own experience.

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The big book of knots

Author: Colin Germain

Year: 2015

Step-by-step instructions, illustrated with color photographs. Binding equipment the most needed and common knots – nautical, mountaineering, travel, fishing and even decorative. The experienced reader will be interested in the rare, more complex and decorative knots, and a novice, this book will help you master the basics and gain experience.

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Yacht building

Author: Reinke K., Luten L., Mus I.

Year: 1986

I agree, very unusual in our time recommendation. But if you really want to know your yacht and its capabilities, such knowledge will be useful. Book Reinke, Luciana and Musa is considered to be a kind of encyclopedia for the design and construction of a yacht for long voyages and races. It is popularly and concisely talks about the types, contours, the design and materials of buildings, technology of buildings, equipment, vessel, equipment rigging and sails, installation of engine, electrical, etc.

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The management of a sailing yacht alone

Author: Alaster Buchan

Year: 2010

First of all, the British, Alaster Buchan is one of the few who several times alone walked on his 20-foot boat around the world. Not surprisingly, in Britain, a country of sailors, his book became a bestseller. In the book Buchan shares his experience of sailing alone or with a shortage of crew. Clearly and very slowly, he talks about every aspect of a single voyage, – from the modernization of the boats to control the dream, describes possible problems and their best solutions. All this is accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

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