25 lbs per box

Exactly two weeks have passed since then, as of December 31, Englishman Alex and Ellie went around the world hoping to set a new world record circumnavigation and solo non-stop for yachts 40 feet or less.

This record in 2013 belongs to the Chinese Guo Chuan – 137 days, 20 hours, 1 minute and 57 seconds.

Odyssey 48-year-old Ellie, as we wrote, began with the incident. It was released on December 29 of the English Gosport, but on the next day on the yacht Pixel Flyer went out on the wind sensor. To replace him, the Englishman had to make a stop in the French Brest, and then start over again.

After restart the journey is without incident. Pixel Flyer comes with speed 8 – 10 knots and now it is located to the South of the archipelago of Cape Verde.

Recall that for preparation of this voyage Ellie collected a few years with the help of crowdfunding. You could purchase advertising space on the hull of his yacht at a price of 25 pounds per square 5×5 cm

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