1750 miles

it remains to be overcome 63-year-old French skipper Francis Guyana, whose task is to improve on the Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT his own world record at the distance of 8800 nautical miles, from Port-Louis in Brittany to the other Port Louis, Mauritius.

Three days ago, when we last time talked about the promotion of Guyana, trimaran IDEC SPORT, leaving behind the island of St. Helena, was approaching the Cape of Good Hope. At that moment the French skipper was ahead of its record 2009 670 miles, and this seemed fantastic, as was the moment when the current Guyana advantage over the former was only 10 miles.

And now the Cape of Good Hope far behind, and the advantage of three-day-old just looks ridiculous. Because now, after 16 days of sailing, Joyon ahead of schedule 2009…1297 miles!!!

To the finish in Port Louis on the island of Martinique remains the 1750 miles. For the last day of IDEC SPORT has overcome 560,5 miles with an average speed of 23.4 per node. If the Frenchman can maintain the current pace (and in fact, I think he was and much faster) to finish it will be able after 3.5 – 4 days.

Recall that the record “from Port-Louis to Port-Louis” by the same Guyana so far is 26 days,4 hours, 13 minutes and 29 seconds.

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