1164 riders from 40 countries!

As we already reported, on lake Garda in Italy to 37 times started the famous regatta Garda Meeting Optimist.

© Marco Capizzano

This year in “the world’s largest regatta of a single class”, as proudly positioned its organizers, participate 1164 young athletes from 40 countries.

Russia was represented by an impressive fleet of 72 people! Rooting for each of them. Come on, guys!

After the first race of the day the best of our Danila Ivanov. The results of the two races, it is high in 13th place (11 points, 2nd and 9th wards) Junior (athletes 2004 – 2008 year of birth). Close – on the 17th place Cyril Shanenkov – 14 points (wards 1 and 13).

In the first hundred now there are 47. Fedor Krivobokov 28 points. …74. Alexander Laptev – 39. …84. Vladislav Kochetov – 43.

Leads juniors Janne Broers from Holland – 3 points.

Note that the cadets (athletes in 2009 and 2010 birth) to the first position with two wins in two races is the Brazilian Eric Shadt. A familiar name? Well, of course! Yes, Eric is the son of the famous Robert Seida, all the insignia which we will not list. We can only say that, SADT Sr.- two-time Olympic champion.

As for our own, Jaroslav Snimshikov occupies 45-e a place (39 points).

Garda Meeting Optimist – regatta surprisingly entertaining. As evidenced by a collection of images that made the famous sailing photographer Marco Capizzano.

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