List of the largest cruise ships

The 53 largest cruise ships in

The cruise industry has been growing fast in recent years - and so has the size of its ships. It wasn't until the 1996 debut of the 101, 353-ton Carnival Destiny that a cruise vessel exceeded 100, 000 tons. Now the biggest ships are more than twice that size, with two in the top 10 having been built just this past year.

Our new photo tour in the carousel above offers a ship-by-ship look at the new Kings of the High Seas, starting with the 50th largest and counting down to No. 1. It's a list that won't remain static for long. More giant cruise vessels are on the way, including Royal Caribbean's soon-to-debut Harmony of the Seas, which at 227, 000 tons will be the largest cruise ship ever built.

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PHOTO TOUR: Inside Royal Caribbean's newest megaship

As for the once mighty Carnival Destiny, now renamed Carnival Sunshine: Even after an expansion in 2013 that boosted its size to 102, 853 tons, it doesn't even make the list of biggest megaships. In today's cruise world, it's almost midsize.

What do the latest crop of massive mega-ships look like on the inside? See for yourself with a scroll through our deck-by-deck tours below of giant new vessels from industry leaders Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess.

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How many passengers does the largest cruise ship hold.

Both Royal Caribbean ships, the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas have maximum passenger capacities of 6296. The double occupancy capacity of both ships is 5400 (2700 passenger cabins). The higher capacity is only when some rooms have 3 or 4 passengers. Not every stateroom can accommodate extra passengers and the maximum capacity is dictated by the available space in lifeboats, as International Maritime Law requires every cruise ship to have sufficient space in life boats for all passengers and crew.

What is the largest passenger cruise ship available today.

The largest passenger cruise ship is the M/S Freedom of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. on!

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