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Adult Spaces at Disney Magic

January 12, 2015 | By Ashley Kosciolek | No Comments

We all know that YouTube can be a rabbit hole: Once you fall in, it’s hard to climb out. For cruise lovers, there are thousands of videos you could watch, everything from pier runners to flash mobs to wild crew parties. (And if you can resist those related videos, I’d like to shake your hand.)

Grab some popcorn, and have a peek at what’s below. (Warning: Some of it may be graphic or contain offensive language.)

One random cruise passenger decides to have some fun by dancing behind people, unbeknownst to them. In this video, by MediocreFilms, his gleeful behavior and ability to act calm and collected at the flip of a switch will leave you with an infectious case of the giggles.

It’s always fun when cruise ships meet and engage in a friendly horn battle, but Disney ships take it to a whole new level. Check out the antics of Disney Magic and Disney Wonder in Port Canaveral, posted by dcartwr.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good pier runner video? Some make it in time; some don’t. Either way, it’s always entertaining to watch (and hear, since most get jabs from their fellow passengers as they sprint to the gangway). This one is courtesy of MSP FLYGUY.

Follow along with the amusing, well-traveled and occasionally risque antics of five crewmembers as they work through their contracts aboard a Royal Caribbean ship. Posted by Gerard Penalosa, the video is set up as the first episode of what appears to be a spoofy reality series.

Yes, that’s the actual title, written by an overzealous kidult (DisneyCarToys) with a bit of keyword knowledge in the hopes that she’d increase her page views. Judging from the more than 2 million hits this gem has gotten, I’d say it worked. Unfortunately, dear readers, what you’re about to witness is one of several hundred painfully awkward videos created by a 30-something woman roleplaying with children’s toys and screeching into a camera. It’s so bad I just can’t look away.

This compilation of big ships battling Mother Nature might give you just the adrenaline rush you’re looking for — from a safe distance. Posted by STORM FORCE, it covers giant swells, rogue waves and all kinds of terrible weather conditions.

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What would be the best cruise ship to go on? (Royal Carribean, Disney, etc...)? | Yahoo Answers

Hi! My favorite is Carnival. In terms of value, fun things to do and convenience, safety and customer care, I think they're the best. They have something for everyone and so many activities you'll never be bored. Price is very reasonable also. I've used them 8 times in the past 5 years. Whomever you choose, have a great trip! Jim

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