Carnival Cruise ship Imagination

Carnival Imagination
Carnival Imagination was one of the original "Fun Ships" and now, after a costly 2008 refurbishment - to the tune of over $40 million as part of the lines' $350 million Evolutions of Fun Fantasy-class initiative - Carnival has added some thoroughly modern touches in a setting that has proven to be popular with passengers through the years.

I miss the gigantic sculpture that was once the centerpiece of the Atrium. It's been replaced by the Atrium Bar, but it is still the Promenade on Deck 9 that is the heart of the ship (though now less visually stimulating). Lining the Promenade are a disco, lounges, casino, coffee and sushi bars. Guests don't have to look far to recognize the va-va-voom of the original "Fun Ship" concept - consider the gilt-painted mythical winged deities decorating every part of the ship depicting some form of happy creature (exactly what it is, no one can identify.) Today, instead of the neon and glitz of the ship's earlier persona, lots of happy red and blue LED lights are everywhere.

The 2008 refurbishment introduced the Carnival WaterWorks, with jets, slides - one 300 feet long - and sprinklers galore created for kids of all ages. Also new is the delightful Serenity Area for adults, a touch of quiet overlooking the sea with some of the best lounge chairs around. (The introductions of these "Evolutions of Fun" upgrades are scheduled for all Fantasy-class ships. Upgrades have so far been completed on Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Sensation.) The program ushers in a new era for Carnival, and carries a whopping $250 million price tag - an onboard extreme makeover and makes its competitive with newer vessels offering these amenities. Also just introduced are plush new soft goods and redone bathrooms. Families will notice that the ship now has 50 connecting staterooms and an updated Camp Carnival where kids of all ages (from 2 to 17) appear to be having fun whether in the water park, on scavenger hunts or at teen discos.

Carnival Imagination remains a good ship for a great getaway, and with the makeover almost appears new (despite a decidedly dated design - note paucity of balconies). Because of its itinerary of short cruises, the ship attracts many first-timers as well as veteran cruisers who enjoy the casual attitude and the comfort of the familiar.

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What is there to do for a 15 year old on the Carnival cruise ship called Imagination? | Yahoo Answers

There is a teen club on board however I guess it would depend on the interest of your child. If they want constant action then I am afraid you will have a very bored child. We have always taken a friend for our son ( only child) so at least they can roam the ship together( especially on days at sea). They can play at the arcade, and like many of them you just see them walking around and eating a lot of ice cream. There won't be many channels on the TV for them to watch anything and nothing beyond PG ratings. The internet cafe can be very expensive to turn them lose in. I hope your chil…

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