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I was on the cruise with my family and am still in shock over the incident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and all who were touched by such an unexpected loss.

As to what happened.

The Glory was already hard into a starboard turn when my wife and I returned to our cabin, less than 15 minutes after the overboard announcement was made. As someone else mentioned, the seas were very rough and upon completing the 180-degree turn, the rough water was compounded by the sun's glare on the water. Whoever is bemoaning a lack of coast guard and naval presence is simply ignorant. It's not like a fleet shows up in 30 minutes and we were off the coast of a Honduran island...not Norfolk, VA. I saw a grand total of three vessels on site at the end of the recovery - two local fishing boats and what passes for a Honduran coast guard vessel...none of which looked like they should be that far from shore in those waters.


1) I estimate at least one-fourth of the people on the starboard balconies were taking pictures and videos of the body being recovered. Mark (earlier post here) even boasted about it. That's beneath contempt but I guess you gotta' get post "Likes" somehow. Respecting the deceased and their family is so old school.

2) People were actually complaining about Carnival not giving enough credits/money back. If you did the simple math it was obvious the ship couldn't make Grand Cayman Thursday and there was no way to postpone it until Friday and still reach Miami Saturday. One lady in the elevator with my wife blamed Carnival for her daughter seeing the body even though the only that could happen is if mom dragged the kid to see it.

3) Calling the "front desk" or screaming at anyone with a Carnival name badge does not constitute "informing" Carnival nor does it prove negligence or malicious intent on their part.

4) Life boats are not search & rescue craft. And, if you stuck around long enough to watch the life boat's recovery you'd have seen the crew was in serious danger when one lift cable became twisted as the boat was lifted. We could easily hear the cable's strain and had that cable snapped several of that boat's crew would've likely been in the water, immediately next to the ship and at risk of going underneath.

A life was lost and I sincerely hope the family, in time, will overcome the feelings of sadness and loss and are able to look back with warm, fond memories of their loved one's life and give thanks for the time they were able to spend together. God bless.

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